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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by responding to job changes of your most valuable buyers with the right action at the right time.

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Arm your sales team with the account data and insights they need to engage the right buyers with relevant messages at exactly the right time. 6sense Sales Intelligence is embedded within both Salesloft and CRM to give reps easy access to the information they need to prioritize outreach and drive meaningful engagement.

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6sense helps sellers and marketers identify and engage with target accounts and contacts that are in an active buying cycle right now. And with the integration between 6sense's Sales Intelligence module and Salesloft, reps can find the detailed information they need to prioritize, personalize, and perfectly time outreach on both the Person and Account pages within Salesloft. 

6sense identifies which accounts are the strongest fit for your business and where they are on the buying journey; uncovers the topics each account cares most about; maps the entire buying committee within each account; and provides insight into how and when they've engaged with your brand. 6sense Sales Intelligence is available within both Salesloft and CRM, and reps can add relevant contacts to a Salesloft cadence with just one click – and use 6sense's deep insights to craft highly relevant, personalized messages that help buyers move to the next stage of the purchase journey. 

Key benefits

Quickly Gather Insights
First and third-party intent signals help reps identify the topics buyers are most interested in so they can select the best cadence

Proactively Engage Buyers
6sense tells reps where accounts are on the buying journey, how and when they’ve engaged, and what to do next to increase engagement.

Prioritize the Best Accounts
6sense dashboards help ensure your team focuses on the best-fit accounts that are in an active decision-making cycle.

Engage the Entire Buying Committee
Quickly identify key buyers within a target account and engage them based on their persona and buyer intent signals.