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Abstrakt is the only real-time call coaching software that helps reps ensure they are asking the right questions and handling objections all in REAL-TIME. No more whispers, no more barge, no more being reactive.

How it Works

Abstrakt automates the delivery of your playbooks for your phone calls based upon the sequence the prospect is in and delivers recommended responses based upon the prospect’s objection in 0.2 seconds.

Recommended responses & automated playbooks are triggered in REAL-TIME while on the call all based upon what is being said.

Abstrakt passes the transcript and call details to the contact record in SalesLoft immediately after the call.
(Based upon how your integration is setup, this can automatically be pushed to your CRM as well.)



Yes! We are the first real-time software to be integrated with Salesloft. Automated playbooks check off and recommended responses are delivered in 0.2 seconds to any objection you might face.


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