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Connect Aircall with Salesloft to empower your team to be more productive, and add context to their phone conversations. Unify your communications across teams to optimize inbound and outbound calling.

How it Works

Boost outbound call productivity
Easily make outbound calls and add call dispositions within Salesloft, without ever having to leave your screen. Click-to-call on contact numbers in Salesloft to immediately dial outbound calls to prospects.

View caller details at a glance
If the lead or contact exists in Salesloft and Salesforce, an incoming call in Aircall will link directly to caller details in Salesloft as soon as the phone rings. As such, reps can see the caller's name and profile information to have more informed conversations.

Don't miss out on important touchpoints
Whether your prospect interacted with support or a teammate on the phone, calls details will automatically log into Salesforce. All calls are automatically logged as Call Notes along with key details about the call, including whether it was inbound or outbound, answered or missed, and the name of the Aircall line that was used. Call comments captured in Aircall are also logged, along with a link to the call recording.

Tag calls to update cadence stage
Save time on every call by getting rid of manual data entry. Use Aircall tags to change the Person Stage cadence in Salesloft automatically after a call.

Call quality you can rely on
No more dropped calls in the middle of qualifying an opportunity. Aircall works with best-in-class global voice carriers and additional local providers in select markets to ensure excellent call quality.

Dedicated onboarding and support
The Aircall Onboarding team is here to guide your team's transition to Aircall's phone system. From Day 1, an Onboarding Specialist will provide a timeline and establish expectations from Aircall and your team to ensure a smooth process.



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