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Aircover Sales AI Co-Pilot For Salesloft Dialer calls

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How it Works

Accelerate Sales with an AI Copilot on Every Salesloft Call

Aircover is real-time in-meeting sales coaching powered by AI. Integrate your sales playbook inside virtual meetings, and surface just-in-time enablement to help drive revenue and productivity.

  • In-the-moment AI assistance during live conversations
  • Virtualize your sales playbook for use during a sales meeting
  • AI generated "voice of the customer," meeting notes, automated next steps, and more!

Connect with Aircover to allow login to our virtual meeting platform.

By assisting reps during live meetings, our software can help teams convert more of their pipeline to revenue while the deal is still active. At a time when sales execution is paramount, integrate best practices from your sales playbook into every customer call and help your team gain a competitive edge to win.

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Please note, that you will need to contact Aircover to setup an account.



You are only a few steps away!

First, go to Aircover portal's settings page and click on Connect Salesloft button. You will be taken to log in at Salesloft. Once logged in, you will be asked to authorize Aircover to use Salesloft data. Click on Authorize, and you will be directed back to Aircover portal.

After that, if you haven't downloaded our client yet, you can download it here. Once downloaded, open the file and install Aircover client. After installation, open Aircover and login.

That's it! Now whenever you make a call with Salesloft Dialer, just make sure Aircover client is running. Our client will detect any start of a call with all the data you need at your fingertips!
You can download it here. Alternatively, you are download it from the link on the top left at Aircover portal by clicking on the Download Aircover link.
Yes, you will need to be an active user at Aircover. Want to try Aircover with your Salesloft calls? You can request a demo here.
You can contact us here or send us an email at



Accelerate Team Productivity with Real-Time Sales AI on Every Call

Elevate Team performance with Aircover's AI sales copilot. Deliver real-time insights to your team during calls. Boost productivity with AI-generated meeting notes, actionable next steps, and auto-draft email follow-ups. Aircover is your AI copilot, supporting your team from prep to post-call.

Real-time AI Sales Copilot: Deliver the right information at the right time

Aircover reduces ramp time for new reps and new products by equipping revenue teams with the latest messaging and positioning. Activate your sales playbook to drive consistency in communication across your GTM team while reps feel supported on every call.

Leverage the Power of Generative AI: Automate Your Meeting Notes & Action Items

Aircover automatically transcribes every conversation and sends you beautifully formatted AI generated meeting notes, action items, and a summary of what the customer said. Follow-up with speed and precision with AI Voice of the Customer at your fingertips.

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