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Breaking into key accounts begins with being personal. Deliver personal experiences to your prospects and grow your pipeline by inviting them to engage with a specially chosen gift that can help you build stronger relationships and connections. Alyce for Salesloft enables your team with the power of being personal at scale without interrupting their daily workflow. The integration is designed intuitively for sales reps making enablement, adoption, and utilization of Alyce for Salesloft seamless.

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Alyce integrates directly with Salesloft to enable sales reps to send gifts without leaving Salesloft. Once set up, users can send personal gifts via their personal gifting campaigns by tapping into the extensive Alyce marketplace which includes physical gifts, gift cards, subscriptions, donations, and more!

Sales reps can utilize the Alyce integration directly within the People tab in Salesloft by configuring their side panel to include Alyce. Then, within the gifting flow, reps can choose a personal gift that will resonate with their prospect as well as customize and personalize the message that will appear on the gift landing page to ensure it meets their needs.