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Automate account intelligence for your SDRs, BDRs, and AEs with B2Brain. Get personalized, relevant intel, bite-sized talking points, and leads. Simplify your outreach with Salesloft, Salesforce, and B2Brain.

How it Works

Constantly searching the internet to find something that’ll click with your prospects?

Throwing dull pitches despite spending over 30% time googling for insights? Combing through linkedin sales navigator looking for the right leads?

Presenting B2Brain

Automatically receive iIntel, talking points, and leads, for your target accounts, right within Salesloft.

Import the leads into Salesloft (with up to date contact details), create compelling messages with the intel and talking points, put the best pitch forward!

Leverage easy integration between Salesloft and Salesforce CRM to streamline your outreach process. Get 1 extra week of selling time, with B2Brain.

The right ingredients for automated account intelligence.

  1. Tight-knit integration between Salesloft, B2Brain, and Salesforce. Import all Intel, talking points and leads with a single click. Get started on day one with easy integration between your favorite SEPs and CRMs.
  2. Real-time intel relevant for your business. Get insights into key accounts at your fingertips. Company plans, deals, finance, hiring, expansion, product launches, media, fundraising, and more.
  3. Say goodbye to robotic pitches. B2Brain distills Intel into bite-sized, ready-to-use talking points that are personalized for your business offerings. Craft compelling messages and relevant talk tracks that engage your prospects.
  4. Recommended leads. Open new avenues in the same account. B2Brain suggests leads relevant for your business, including all contact information like LinkedIn profile, email, phone numbers and base location. Import them with 1 click, into your Salesloft and easily add them to your cadences.
  5. Stick to your ICP. Describe your ideal customer by adding details like their department, seniority, titles via the Preferences and let B2Brain take care of the rest.
  6. Easy to set up, easier to use. Track your key accounts by adding their website, configure your ICP and B2Brain will notify you with new information as it happens.

Loved by competitive SDR teams, including the team at Salesloft

  • Power up the prospecting game
  • Get time back in the day
  • No more dull pitches
  • Ramp up much faster
  • Build a predictable prospecting process
  • Elevate your sales tech stack

Your success is our priority

You work hard to keep sales human especially in our current, automated world. At B2Brain, we get that and hold ourselves to the same standard. Our modus operandi is always people first.

  • We’re around 24x7 to keep the troubles at bay.
  • We’re always listening. Got an idea for a brilliant feature? Brainstorming about account research? Talking on the new way of prospecting? Count us in!
  • We’re making your work life easy, one good feature at a time.

Ready to get started? Head over to and start your free trial today!



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