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Cadence Consulting Group

Build Pipeline. Accelerate Revenue. Helping companies accelerate revenue growth.

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CCG can help you with all aspects of sales. Sales from the front of funnel to the back.
CCG will evaluate your business and put a custom roadmap together to help you accelerate
your revenue growth. One step further, and what makes us different, we roll up our sleeves
and do the work beside you. We don’t just teach it, we'll sell too!  We offer outsourced SDR and Sales work to quickly help you hit revenue goals. We provide services in the short and long term. We also get your company ready for acquisition or a merger, if that is your goal.  We can even broker the deal with our vast network of Private Equity companies. 


Who We Are

We founded CCG with a singular mission - accelerate our customers revenue growth through sales people, process & technology. ​Our proprietary Sales Transformation Framework allows us the flexibility to support our clients at each stage of their sales journey. We believe trust is the foundation of any partnership and we earn our clients trust on a daily basis by rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with them to maximize their sales potential.


Create & Execute Sales Processes

Put proven sales processes in place to ensure long term success and constant revenue growth. 

Create Compensation Plans

Create Compensation Plans and Sales Territories that maximizes the potential you get from your sales team. 

Set Sales Goals

Implement Sales Goals that your internal team and the CCG team work together to meet. 

Outsource Sales Development Reps

Outsource Sales Development Reps (SDR's) to generate meetings & build sales pipeline. 

Employee Management

Recruit, Hire & Train SDR's, Account Executives and Sales Engineers. 

Sales Pitch Development

Evaluate and optimize your sales teams sales pitches.  Sometimes you only have one chance to get it right.  We're experts at creating your most effective sales pitch to get your foot in the door or win the deal. 

Sales Training

Provide both boilerplate and custom training curriculum to meet your company's needs.


Implement Sales Enablement Technology and Streamline Technology Stacks. 

Outsourced Selling

We provide outsourced 1099 resources to help sell on your behalf, along with internal sales experts within CCG selling for you.  

Build Sales Territorries

Build Sales Territories and build financial models to make sure each territory has enough opportunity to reach sales targets


  • Shawn Vaughn
    CCO - Mintel, Chief Growth Officer - Reach3 Insights

    CCG has helped us to reorganize our go-to-market strategy, improve our customer messaging and shorten the time it takes to get from onboarding to results ... If you're looking for support driving your sales organization and revenue growth to the next level, I highly recommend CCG!"
  • Rob Shram
    Co-Founder of Cornerstone Capabilities (a NielsenIQ companuy)

    Co-Founder, Cornerstone Capabilities Inc. (a NielsenIQ Company) Hiring CCG was one of the best business decisions we ever made at Cornerstone Capabilities. They helped us build out our US sales operations, sales pipeline, and truly helped build our presence. I would highly recommend CCG.