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CallAI by Mindtickle

Record, transcribe and analyze sales calls for customer insights and coaching

How it Works

Mindtickle's Call AI solution helps world-class companies be ready to grow revenue by recording, transcribing, and analyzing video calls for customer insights and coaching opportunities. With conversational insights and revenue intelligence tightly integrated into sales training and content programs, Call AI and the Mindtickle Sales Readiness platform help revenue teams be ready for every selling situation. 



Import every Salesloft Call into Mindtickle Call AI

Analyze the Salesloft calls inside Call AI

Easy access to all your call recordings

Refer to your call recordings, and use the system-generated transcripts to refer to past interactions.

Take notes and collaborate

Use Call AI to take notes and collaborate at the individual or team level using the personal or public comments section.

Self-Coach with Call Insights & Scores:

Develop your sales conversations using the system-generated insights to make the next call better than the previous one.



Call AI supports only those Salesloft packages that have the call recording feature. Salesloft package Prospect does not have the call recording feature; hence, Call AI does not support it. 
Call AI fetches the recording from the Salesloft platform and makes it available on the Call AI interface. Call AI fetches the following metadata for every recording:

  • Participants name
  • Participants email address
  • Audio file
  • Call AI does not:
    • Fetch recordings that have a duration of less than 10 seconds.
    • Import incoming calls on your Salesloft number.
    • Support Salesloft call transfer and conference.
    • Capture shared screens in Salesloft recordings.
  • Call AI ignores recordings of non-Call AI users.


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