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Chili Piper

The world's best scheduling tool for Sales Teams. Chili Piper was build to help SDR's and BDR's handoff meetings to their Account Executives. Sales teams like Salesloft, Twilio, and Square use Chili Piper to make their sales reps more productive. Whether you use a Round Robin or Territory Assignment, Chili Piper gives SDR's the ability to immediately know who the right AE is with the click of a button in Salesforce or Salesloft.Installation takes 10 seconds by installing a chrome ext.

How it Works

Chili Piper automates booking, meeting reminders & re-scheduling for Sales teams. It operates as a workflow tool between Google Apps/Microsoft 365 calendars and Salesforce. 

Whether booking a meeting for yourself or others, all meeting details are written directly to Salesforce for tracking purposes.

The Chili Piper chrome extension allows the Chili Piper feature to work in Salesforce,  Salesloft, and your Calendar app to make booking meetings super simple. 



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