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The Salesloft/ConnectAndSell integration prevents call task buildup by transforming one-at-a-time call tasks into high-velocity ConnectAndSell sessions that execute in minutes instead of hours. The result: no more stalled cadences waiting for completed call tasks, higher velocity, and a complete view of performance for all campaigns across all channels.

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The ConnectAndSell solution combines best-in-class technology and a human touch. Together the two parts provide conversations quickly and offer a seamless transition from our platform to your conversation. The first part of the solution is our cloud based software that begins the outbound call process as soon as you log-in. You can access your contacts directly from our platform or from your own CRM system. ConnectAndSell integrates seamlessly with SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM systems. Our technology does the dialing. But still, 97% of the people you ring will not initially pick up the phone. So, the ConnectAndSell solution includes a global network of highly trained agents who will work as your virtual assistants; navigating gate keepers, IVR’s, phone trees and other obstacles to talk time on your behalf. Our skilled agents are trained on call strategies designed to get your targets on the phone, all the while representing you and your organization with courteous professionalism. ConnectAndSell agents never speak to your prospect. Once your prospect says “hello”, you are injected into the conversation in a fraction of a second. When you are ready to begin having conversations, fire up ConnectAndSell then sit back and watch for a few minutes as we dial multiple numbers on your calling list. The connections are made in parallel, meaning our technology is doing the dialing while our agents are navigating phone trees for multiple contacts at one time.