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The Correlated application allows users to tap into upstream data sources, create Signals, and use those Signals to automate downstream Salesloft actions. When users take certain actions, Correlated automatically adds those users to a Salesloft Cadence, allowing sales teams to use data to automate their sales engagement.

How it Works

It’s easy to get started with Correlated’s Salesloft integration. Within the Correlated application, you can create a Signal that identifies users that you’re interested in reaching out to. For example, this might be users who have signed in 2x more times this week than last. Next, you can create an automated Workflow, so that any time any user signs in 2x more times in the last week, you can pipe that user into a Workflow. One of the Workflows we support is Salesloft - when a user is piped into Salesloft, we add them to every Step in Day 1 of a Cadence automatically. The user will be linked to the user’s owner in Salesloft. Now, you can create highly personalized Cadences based on what users are doing in your product.



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