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CRM Sync for HubSpot

Unleash the power of Salesloft and HubSpot with Salesloft's CRM Sync! HubSpot customers can enjoy a streamlined setup, activity logging, unified reporting, and more. Empower your revenue team today to drive even more value with CRM Sync for HubSpot.

How it Works

Automatically Record Salesloft Activities to HubSpot 
Monitoring and tracking sales activities is a crucial element of what makes HubSpot so effective. With CRM Sync, all calls made and emails sent in Salesloft are automatically recorded as activities in HubSpot. No manual updating — just one cohesive view of your activity. 

Unified Reporting in HubSpot
All the critical sales touch points that take place in Salesloft are automatically logged into HubSpot providing a unified reporting experience and better visibility across the revenue team. 

One Click to Jump into HubSpot
Easily jump into HubSpot from Salesloft with a single click for better workflow across both platforms. 

Your Data is Serious Business. We Make Safeguarding it Our Business.
Automated sync should only be done with proper safeguards to prevent scenarios that could lead to data degradation.



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