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Data Sync for Zoho CRM by OSync

Sync your CRM data to Salesloft. Osync extension enables you to extend and improve your sales process for a better buyer experience and sales engagement.Key Features:Sync multiple modules from Zoho CRM into Salesloft and vice versa.Included custom field mapping between services.Auto-sync every 60 minutes. User Forced manual sync as well.One-way or two-way sync with user-selected master service.User friendlyOSync is available for multiple supported cloud applications.

View and Install


Data Sync for Zoho CRM by OSync

  1. Install the plugin from Zoho CRM Marketplace listing.
  2. Select Profiles & Department to which you need to install and authorize.
  3. Enter your login credentials to authorize both Zoho CRM and Salesloft accounts.
  4. Once the Authorize buttons turn Revoke, Click Next
  5. Map Module:
    1. Choose modules in Zoho CRM and Salesloft to initiate the sync.
    2. Choose sync type by selecting one of the arrow buttons (one-way/Two-way).Map Fields
    3. Choose Salesloft fields to be mapped with Zoho CRM.
    4. Mandatory fields need to be mapped to initiate the Sync.

Sync Settings:

  • Choose master service so that OSync can sync master data in case of conflicts.
  • Auto-sync cycle scheduled every 60 minutes and you are all set to start the sync.