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Dear Lucy

Smart sales and revenue analytics platform for high growth teams. Dear Lucy integrates with both Salesloft and CRM and provides a vast gallery of “plug & play” illustrations for setting goals, tracking performance and reporting on KPIs and forecasts. Create easy-to-use sales dashboards to your sales team, top management, board of directors or other stakeholders.

How it Works

Dear Lucy helps growing teams keep track of key sales and revenue metrics in real time. Dear Lucy connects to Salesloft and CRM (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot) and provides a vast gallery of pre-built metrics, illustrations and KPI calculations to help you set up sales reporting to support your business.

Track activity volumes per rep or activity type

With the Salesloft integration, Dear Lucy fetches your team’s activity data, and provides plug & play dashboards to report on the activity levels of your team - meetings, calls, emails and other activities. You can view activities by type or person, to make reporting even easier.

Combine activity data with sales funnel data

Dear Lucy provides an overview of your entire sales operation. It fetches activity data from Salesloft and deal data from CRM, and helps you monitor sales team performance and KPIs in real-time and view long-term trends over time. Build unlimited dashboards for unlimited users and share key sales and activity data to anyone who needs the information. Dear Lucy dashboards work on any device - from smartphones to office TV screens - to give you the flexibility that you need. You can even embed the dashboards to your existing tools for easy access.

How to get started?

Create a Dear Lucy account (free for 10 days), and add the integration to Salesloft. You can use the automatically generated, instant dashboards or create your own views.



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