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DocSend is the only content engagement platform that enables sales and marketing to find, share, track, and present the documents that close deals.With a powerful link-based system, DocSend makes it easy to share deal collateral, get critical insight into target accounts, and connect content to business outcomes. Dealmakers from over 5,000 companies rely on DocSend to win more business.

How it Works

DocSend transforms your sales and marketing content into business assets by telling sellers who’s involved, when they engage, and what they care about.

Use DocSend links in your Salesloft cadences and templates to:

  • Optimize your sales outreach: Get powerful context after you hit ‘send’ with page-by-page analytics and real-time notifications.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle: Increase lead velocity with more of the right content and more of the right conversations.
  • Align sales and marketing for success: Get your entire organization on the same page with content that’s always up-to-date.

Ready to get started?
Download the DocSend for Chrome extension, and share your sales and marketing content wherever you work.



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