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Elto uses AI to get your reps into 5-7x more conversations. Elto's AI leaves voicemails, handles dial trees, and drops your reps into live conversations immediately, so they can spend their time selling, not waiting.

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How it Works

Elto is an AI-powered parallel dialer that dials multiple prospects concurrently and detects when a human picks up, immediately dropping the user into the live conversation. Elto also detects voicemail inboxes and IVRs, and drops prerecorded voicemails immediately without requiring the user to connect into the call.

Reps who use Elto hit 5-7x more dials than with any other dialer. Elto's human detection is state-of-the-art, and detects human pickups 30% faster than other leading dialers, resulting in fewer pauses and more engaged conversations.



Elto monitors multiple health metrics for each number and exposes two of them (connect rate and call failure rate) to users. If Elto detects that either of these metrics are outside of a reasonable range, it will notify you to delete the number and replace it with a new one.

Elto also enables STIR/SHAKEN for every created number for better call attribution (and decreased spam likelihood).
Yes. Elto supports creation of US and UK numbers, and inbound call forwarding to US and UK numbers. Calling outside of these countries is supported on a case-by-case basis, but may incur additional fees.
The monthly plan comes with a 7-day free trial, and the annual plan comes with a 14-day free trial.



Dial 5+ prospects at the same time

Elto dials up to 6 numbers concurrently, and detects human pickups, voicemails, and IVRs with its AI.

Filter by Time Zone

Make sales calls, not wake-up calls. Elto's time zone filtering ensures that you're calling prospects when they're most receptive.

Recording and Transcription

Elto records and generates high-fidelity transcripts of every single call (where allowed), allowing teams to surface useful insights.

Advanced Analytics

Elto offers team- and individual-level analytics, so managers can get an at-a-glace view of sales floor performance without having to leave the tool. Elto also syncs natively with Salesloft, so there won't be multiple sources of truth.

Shared Data

Elto integrates seamlessly with Salesloft; users can import cadences (as a whole, or by step) and surface all due call tasks within Elto. The integration also pulls all dispositions from Salesloft, and writes back dispositioned calls as they happen. 

In-call, Elto surfaces all relevant information from Salesloft, including contact information, past call notes, and more.

Elto's advanced analytics enable you to track performance within Elto or Salesloft. Elto also records and transcribes every call (where allowed), enabling you to surface intelligent insights from each conversation.


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