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Enablix for SalesLoft

Enablix and SalesLoft integration allows the Enablix users to browse and search their content stored on Enablix platform. With Enablix, sales team members have a central place to access all the relevant content and material that they need for selling. It provides visibility into prospect engagement with the content and thus enabling sales team members to customize the follow-up conversation with the prospects.

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How it Works

A sales development rep accesses the Enablix for SalesLoft plugin from any email editor when composing an email or an email template. Once in the plugin, the rep can find the right content asset to share with their prospect and track prospect engagement. 

Reps can browse the content library similar to how they browse it in the web application by content types, solutions, industries, personas, etc. Or they can use search to get access to the right content.