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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by responding to job changes of your most valuable buyers with the right action at the right time.

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Equilar, Inc.

Equilar Executive Transition Signals allow sellers to seamlessly track and act on time-sensitive transition insights within Salesloft Rhythm.



Get Fortune 500 Executive Transition Rhythm Signals For Free Now

Salesloft and Equilar have partnered to deliver real-time signals on executive transitions through Rhythm. Introducing Equilar Executive Transition Signals. This new integration empowers users to seamlessly track and act on time-sensitive transition insights within Salesloft.

With Equilar signals integrated into Rhythm and Live Feed, Sales Managers and Customer Success teams gain the ability to receive timely notifications on recent executive appointments and departures at their target accounts. This ensures that sales teams are well-equipped with the latest intelligence, fostering effective engagement and driving positive outcomes. The partnership between Salesloft and Equilar in Rhythm marks a pivotal step toward redefining how businesses leverage executive transition data to inform strategic decisions and enhance sales effectiveness.

Sellers in the Salesloft platform will see a notification and task related to the below transition events:
  • Appointments
  • Promotions
  • Departures

Harness the power of Equilar Executive Transition Signals to effortlessly craft Plays that automatically prompt sellers to follow up on crucial buyer activity at the most opportune moments. With Conductor AI prioritizing these Plays in the Rhythm focus zone, reps stay laser-focused on the buyers and deals with the highest potential to help them surpass their targets. The synergy between Equilar Executive Transition Signals and Rhythm ensures sellers optimize their efforts on opportunities that matter most, streamlining their path to success.

Live Feed
Job change signals from  Equilar create notifications in users’ Live Feed, making it easy to stay on top of buyer activity without switching between apps.

Additional Information
Equilar is the leading provider of executive intelligence solutions. The company’s expertise in relationship intelligence drives state-of-the-art business development and CRM applications, board and executive recruitment, and compensation and governance strategies. Equilar integrates its extensive database of more than 2.5 million executive profiles and 320 million network connections with natural language processing and machine learning AI to enable real-time relationship analytics and targeted outreach for its global clients. Equilar's commitment to excellence has made it the go-to solution for over 1,000 companies, including 75% of the Fortune 500, top PE/VC firms, and leading professional services entities. Learn more at



No, Equilar Executive Transition Signals can be easily accessed by allowing the Equilar integration in your Salesloft portal.


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Equilar, Inc.
Equilar, Inc.

Executive Transitions

Executive Transitions