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G2 Buyer Intent data triggers ultra-personalized, timely, and effective sales engagement actions in Salesloft.

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How it Works

Rhythm Integration
The G2 + Salesloft Rhythm integration turns G2 Buyer Intent signals into automated actions so sellers can capitalize on every revenue opportunity, and close them sooner. 

Buyer Intent data from G2 includes profile views, pricing page views, sponsored content views, product comparisons, and competitor/alternative views , and category views. From each signal, integration users 
  1.  Will be recommended to take an action in the Salesloft Rhythm workflow, and 2) 
  2. Can create or use pre-built and automated Salesloft Playbooks that include emails, calls, and more, to immediately engage accounts signaling buying intent on G2.

Cadence Integration
The G2 + Salesloft Cadence integration empowers sales teams to create personalized, effective email cadences that convert for every critical action your prospect takes on G2.  G2 Buyer Intent data includes Profile views, Category views,  Product views, and  Competitor views to inform and trigger Salesloft cadences.



Rhythm Signals

Trigger emails and have recommended tasks each time a prospect takes a meaningful action on G2 that indicates intent to purchase.
  • Plays for G2 Profile, Pricing, and Competitive intent signals 
  • Rhythm tasks for all G2 signals including: Profile, Pricing, Competitor, Category, Product Comparison, and Sponsored Content views

Warm and informed account targeting

Use 100% authenticated account data from, so you never reach out to another disinterested account again. 

The right time, every time.

Gain visibility into the actions and behaviors taking place on the world's largest marketplace where 80 Million buyers research software. As soon as they're in market, reach out before the competition. 

Data Permissions

Integration setup is done within the G2 admin portal, my.G2

  • Navigate to my.G2 and search for 'Salesloft' in the Integrations Hub.
  • Enable the buyer intent integration to Salesloft by switching the Buyer Intent integration to “On” in the Settings section.
  • Enter your Salesloft credentials in the Authenticate section to allow G2 access to your Salesloft account.
  • Buyer intent data will be sent to Salesloft every 24 hours at midnight CST.






G2 Buyer Intent

G2 Buyer Intent


Customers of G2 Buyer Intent data and Salesloft can activate this integration. Contact your G2 account team to learn more.  
The intent data that G2 will send to Salesloft will be in accordance with your Buyer Intent package. All available Buyer Intent signals from G2 include profile views, pricing page views, sponsored content views, product comparisons,  competitor and alternative views, and category signals. Intent data from G2 will be sent to Salesloft daily.


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