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This integration between G2 and Salesloft is for customers of G2 Buyer Intent, and requires a Salesloft license. These joint customers are empowered to bring G2 Buyer Intent data, including profile views, download activity, category and product views, and even competitor comparisons, into Salesloft to inform and trigger their prebuilt Salesloft cadences.

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How it Works

G2 Buyer Intent + Salesloft powers sales teams to create personalized, effective cadences that convert for every critical action your prospect takes throughout their customer journey.

  1. Sync G2 Buyer Intent into Salesloft.
  2. G2 Buyer Intent data, including Profile views, Category views,  Product views, and even Competitor views, will inform and trigger Salesloft cadences.
  3. Buyer Intent data is refreshed in Salesloft every 24 hours.

Explore the Integration Guide to learn more and activate the integration in my.G2.



Welcome to efficient workflows.

Trigger your Sales cadence when a prospect takes a specific action on G2.

Say hello to accurate targeting.

Use 100% authenticated account data from, so you never mistarget again.

Embrace outreach in a timely manner.

See what your prospects are doing before they contact your competitors.

Data Permissions

This integration between G2 and SalesLoft is for customers of G2 Buyer Intent, and requires a SalesLoft license. 

The setup is done within the G2 portal. Instructions are below:

  • Enter your Salesloft credentials in the Authenticate section to allow G2 access to your Salesloft account.
  • To enable the buyer intent integration to Salesloft, switch the Buyer Intent integration to “On” in the Settings section.
  • Buyer intent data will be sent to Salesloft every 24 hours at midnight CST.






G2 Buyer Intent

G2 Buyer Intent


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