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Gamifier is a gamification platform that enables leaders to automate goal tracking, competitions, collaboration, challenges, and quests, promoting a productive culture and engagement by recognizing good practices and curbing unwanted 

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By integrating with Gamifier, enables automating goal tracking, competitions, collaboration, challenges, and quests. For example:

  • You can have a Leaderboard recognizing your top performers who send more emails, make calls or convert opportunities;
  • You can create Challenges to improve the number of new leads on a Monday, or a Call challenge for a segment, etc.;
  • Quests to promote journey for your new reps or collaboration between your team members;
  • Goal Tracking to help you organize individual goals and check their habits - a great input for 1:1 sessions;
  • Via our Productivity Scores, we allow the leaders to track your leading indicators as simple as a score with some insights on how to improve.