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Salesloft Connect for Gmail: An integrated experience between Gmail and Salesloft

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Salesloft, Right Where You Need It
Switching between tabs takes valuable time out of your day. With Salesloft Connect for Gmail, you have all the functionality of Salesloft, right inside Gmail.

Key benefits

Context-Based Insight
Connect for Gmail understands what information you’ll need based on the context of your email. Relevant information about your contacts is surfaced automatically. View recent prospect activity from Salesforce and Salesloft, get quick links to social profiles, emails, and phone numbers, and view recent engagements and cadence activity.

Powerful Salesloft Functionality
Connect for Gmail isn’t just about bringing valuable information from Salesloft into Gmail, it also adds a powerful upgrade to Gmail’s functionality that takes the platform well beyond email. Now you can take action on a contact from right inside Gmail with all the Salesloft functionality you know and love. You’ll have the power to be more productive, efficient, and effective no matter where you are.

View Your Live Feed
Engaging with your prospects at the right time is crucial for effective sales communication. Salesloft’s live feed gives you real-time updates on your prospect’s activity so you’re never out of the loop. With Salesloft Connect for Gmail, you can access the live feed anytime within gmail, so you never miss a beat in your selling rhythm.

Keep Profile Information in Sync
Connect for Gmail is the bridge connecting your primary communication tool with the rest of your critical sales systems. Most new information comes in through your inbox, but needs to be created or updated elsewhere. Connect for Gmail allows you add, update or even create leads or contacts in both Salesforce and Salesloft without ever leaving your inbox. Add a new lead for a target company or edit a contact’s information on the fly without sacrificing your workflow.

Search for People
Want to send an email to a prospect, but can’t remember their contact information? Connect for Gmail allows you to search for any of your contacts without ever leaving your inbox. You can also view a prospect’s recent activity, or take an additional action like adding them to a cadence or calling them with the Salesloft Dialer.

Salesloft Dialer
Salesloft Connect for Gmail was designed to make your inbox the home base for all your sales communication. That’s why you can also access the Salesloft Dialer from inside Gmail. No switching tabs to make a phone call. Now you can dial prospects from within your inbox, record calls, take notes, and all the other great Dialer features you love.

Salesloft Connect for Gmail
The only truly integrated experience between your inbox and sales engagement platform. Built for the modern seller by those who care.