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With Highspot and Salesloft, bring Highspot content and analytics to every Salesloft touchpoint for high-impact engagement and actionable insights at scale.

How it Works

Add Highspot Pitches to your Snippets, Templates, and Cadences directly from Salesloft. Just search, browse, and filter Highspot Templates, Pitch Styles, and Content to create and scale rich content and buyer experiences. Then, with Highspot's Pitch analytics, your reps have complete visibility into buyer activity on every Pitch sent through Salesloft. 



Engage Buyers

Empower your reps with  AI-powered content recommendations directly within Salesloft cadences, emails, and snippets. Design compelling experiences with pitch templates and micro-portals that merchandise content and provide engagement insights into views, shares, and downloads.

Analyze Performance

Give reps valuable insight into how prospects are engaging with content in order to help move the conversation forward. 
Reps can see when individual recipients view, download, or share content sent through Salesloft as well as linger times on individual slides or pages.

Save Time and Streamline Workflows

Increase rep efficiency and maximize selling time by giving your reps seamless access to the entire Highspot content library directly within Salesloft. 

Find Content

Reduce the time it takes your reps to find content by 95% with powerful search and curated browsing experiences that make it easy for reps to locate sales content for specific selling scenarios right within Salesloft. 


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