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Deliver hyper-relevant buying experiences and improve rep productivity so you can accelerate deal cycles and win more.

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Improve your buyer engagement by an average of 25%. We design, build and install 100% Certified Sales Plays into your Salesloft cadences.

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How it Works

Design killer sales plays.

Because your target buyers deserve it. Engaging them in a personalized way will spark their interest in you, and your offering. Sales Plays are designed to escape from the generic messages sent out everyday to your target buyers. Our PlayOps team of designers, content strategists, and sales consultants will help you stand out from the competition and deliver real value to your prospects and customers. This team has designed some of the highest performing sales plays for the most demanding customers in the world.


Build fresh content and messaging.

Once your new Sales Plays have been designed, our PlayOps team will deliver content, messaging, videos, and any custom tailored approach required to engage your target buyer in new innovative ways. Our team of content strategists will help collaborate with your internal stakeholders in marketing, sales enablement, operations and the executive boardroom to ensure that you are leveraging the company’s positioning into each and every sales play, and personalized to each buyer, every time.


Install like a pro within your Salesloft platform.

You’ve designed great sales plays, you collaborated with every stakeholder to agree on the content and messaging, now the hard part. Our team of tech stack junkies will help you install your sales play into your Salesloft platform. We know the features, functionality and have completed 100’s of Salesloft installations.


Training to maximize adoption.

Sales teams need sales plays, and a sales play needs a team that believes in your approach to your target buyers. That’s where our PlayOps team will do on-site or virtual training to increase their confidence in utilizing their new sales plays with target buyers. Improving your buyer engagement strategy depends on the adherence of your sales team to the structured plays you have installed. Every individual sales person will get the attention they deserve to learn, role play, and execute the winning sales play.