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Intercom by Highways

Highways by Intercom is your teams link between Intercom and Salesloft. Highways can seamlessly connect and display information from Salesloft within the Intercom Inbox. No more switching tabs!

How it Works

Give your SDRs access to Salesloft right from within their Intercom Inbox. Highways have developed this Salesloft and Intercom App from the ground up to be fully featured and compatible with the Intercom Inbox. Your team can communicate and work more effectively than ever before from within Intercom.

Spend less time switching between tabs, leaving customers waiting or copying and pasting information - let your team do their job from one place.


  • Create and View People in Salesloft right from within the Intercom Inbox.
  • Add Notes to People records and manually Sync Chat Transcripts at the click of a button.
  • Add Prospects into Cadences while they work from Intercom.
  • View Calls and Access the Salesloft Dialler from the Intercom Inbox.



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