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JustCall<>Salesloft integration allows you to call your customers and contacts using JustCall and syncs all the calling and messaging activities with Salesloft.


Configuration Steps:

  • Login to JustCall account
  • Head over to Integrations in the sidebar and search for Salesloft in the list
  • Click on the 'Integrate' button
  • Install JustCall chrome extension
  • From the extension's menu, go to options and click on the 'Allow' button to get access to Click-to-Call and Click-to-Text buttons

Integration Features:

Make, Receive and Track Calls: With JustCall, you can make, receive, record, and track all your phone calls right from your Salesloft CRM. Automatically log all your call activities and get access to call recordings and analytics. Send and Receive Text Messages: Send and receive text messages to your leads and customers. All inbound and outbound text messages get logged under the contact automatically. Detailed Call Analytics & Live Call Monitoring: Get access to all your call-related analytics, recordings, voicemails, and missed calls for each contact.