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LeadIQ helps make sales teams faster and more productive by allowing SDRs and AEs to capture and send contact information directly to Salesloft cadences and their CRM. Modern sellers are researching and discovering new prospects on the web every day but only spend 1/4 of the time prospecting them. Used by over 20,000 sales professionals, LeadIQ helps sales teams save time by automating the most tedious and repetitive tasks in prospecting.

How it Works

LeadIQ makes sales teams more efficient at outbound prospecting by capturing and sending contact information with one click directly to your Salesloft cadences and CRM. 

As you research your prospects, LeadIQ will find all your prospect data in real-time. This information can then be added directly to the Cadence of your choice with one click. It's that easy. 

LeadIQ ensures data quality by checking Salesloft and your CRM for existing records. You can see if a record exists in our chrome extension and choose if you want to update it, all without ever leaving the screen. 

Eliminate busy work, enrich prospect data, and make personalized sales engagement a reality. Verified emails, direct phone numbers, firmographic data, and more are just one click away, what are you waiting for? 



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