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Leadjet offers a LinkedIn Salesloft integration by bringing Salesloft on top of LinkedIn. Turn any of your LinkedIn prospects into a Salesloft contact & send them to your desired cadence in 1-click. Track your prospects' cadence stage, without leaving LinkedIn! You can now focus on selling & never break your flow.Leadjet also integrates LinkedIn with Salesforce to stop wasting time on manual lead capture & data entry.

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Surfe saves you time and improves your outreach by bringing Salesloft on top of LinkedIn.

Add LinkedIn contacts to your HubSpot or Salesforce CRM in 1-click
Make your CRM work on LinkedIn. Add contacts to your CRM, manage deals and pipelines, edit the data associated with a contact in your CRM directly from LinkedIn.

Find professional email addresses in 1-click
Surfe’s enrichment cascade searches multiple partner tools for the professional and verified email addresses of your prospects, then adds them to your CRM automatically for you.

Push your LinkedIn contacts to your Salesloft sequences
Surfe enables you to effortlessly add the newly enriched prospect to a Salesloft cadence with just 1-click, directly from the LinkedIn profile page. You can also specify the stage in the cadence where you want your contact to be added.

Ultimate synchronization between LinkedIn and CRM
Sync LinkedIn messages into your CRM, add notes to LinkedIn profiles that are automatically added to your CRM, manage deals on LinkedIn, export lead lists from Sales Navigator to your HubSpot or Salesforce CRMs.

Increase your prospect’s reply rates with message template analytics
Use Surfe’s message templates to create personalized messages for any occasion: intros, outreach, demo proposals, follow-ups. Get analytics on which of your templates is receiving the highest response rate.

Enhance your sales workflows seamlessly across LinkedIn, Salesloft and your CRM eliminating the need to switch tabs and saving you a minimum of 5 hours of manual tasks every week!

Join over 4500 trusted companies like Google, Amazon, Uber, Spendesk, AB Tasty, Sastrify, Rokt, who rely on us.

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One-click add to Salesloft

Surfe allows you to import a Salesforce contact to Salesloft right from LinkedIn in one click. Both records are fully synced.

One-click add to a Cadence

Surfe let's you add a Salesloft contact to any Cadence right from LinkedIn.

Export Sales Navigator lists to Salesloft

One-click export lists of Sales Navigator leads to a Salesloft Cadence.



Yes, Surfe integrates first with your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot), and lets you connect to Salesloft in a second time.
Yes, we support both LinkedIn and SalesNavigator, so you can add your prospects into Salesloft cadences from both platforms.


Partner Type

Cadence + Automation
CRM Integration

Partner Type

Cadence + Automation
CRM Integration