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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Gain real-time insights on the companies you’re engaged with, see current and shared connections, an uncover common bonds

How it Works

LinkedIn Actions In Your Sales Workflow
Build and execute LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps directly from your existing sales workflow. Choose from InMail, Research, Connection Request, and Ask for an Introduction steps to include at exactly the right time in the sales cycle.

Real-Time Account Information
Stay up-to-date on key accounts with relevant account intelligence, powered by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. See relevant headlines and articles related to an account, people in your network connected to the account, and even recommended leads you should pursue inside that company. LinkedIn’s powerful network can help you break down walls and open doors at your biggest accounts.

Seamless Integration
Salesloft’s new Smart Panels give you complete control over how and where you want to use LinkedIn and Salesloft. Add LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Persona and Company dashboards, customize what information you want most, and even reposition the panel on the page. It’s your platform, work the way you want.

Get a Helping Hand With Icebreakers
Starting a conversation can be hard, but LinkedIn’s network of over 500 million users can make it a breeze. See an opportunity’s recent posts to their profile or company page, identify your mutual connections, and even reach out to your network for an introduction. LinkedIn puts everything you need to connect with your prospects, right inside Salesloft.



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