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Makesbridge is a mass email and marketing automation marketing platform. Our Salesloft integration helps sales and marketing teams synchronize their communications to get more leads, faster. Our app features bi-directional data sharing makes your business more efficient with Salesloft. For example, create leads en masse before adding to high touch Salesloft cadences, add contacts to long term drips when Salesloft cadences are completed, and manage opt-out status into marketing campaigns.

How it Works

  • User provides Salesloft API key.
  • Using Salesloft's API key and APIs Makesbridge imports and exports Person data.
  • Users can be selective about what data they want to add and update at Salesloft. For example, you can require that only individuals with specific job profiles be added to Salesloft.
  • Users can tag People records to trigger actions on Makesbridge and thousands of other cloud applications.


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