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Pickle App for Salesloft is the conversation intelligence tool your sales team will want to log in to. Yes, we record & transcribe sales calls; making it a breeze to share clips anywhere. But we make sellers better with a truly simple design, collaborative workflow, & actionable insights.

How it Works

For Sales Reps:
  • All Salesloft calls are recorded & transcribed in Pickle
  • Find & re-live any call in seconds
  • Time-stamp key notes & clips. Jump back for context in one click
  • Visually map your sales process, from cold call to close
  • Push all the important stuff straight to the CRM instantly

For Teams:
  • Share clips across any team with a single click
  • Collaborate on pre & post-call notes within the recording
  • Create Instgram-style stories of call clips for training & onboarding
  • Get timely alerts & questions that require attention pushed to email or Slack
  • Make decision with real conversations. Spot competitor, feature, pricing mentions with ease



A simple, yet powerful user experience

Seamless team collaboration from cold call to customer success

Advanced AI conversation summaries & analytics

The best customer experience you will ever have

Shared Data

When a user makes a call from Salesloft, Pickle captures the associated call event, transcribes the call audio, then enhances the call with custom Pickle data. The user can then review the call and transcription text in our Pickle web application.


They are in our Library. Click on the title to open up the recording & transcript.
You can create distinctions in Pickle to find groups of specific calls.
We will capture the recording & it will appear in the Library.


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