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Postal is the leading Experience Marketing Platform that creates memorable moments for organizations to generate leads, increase sales velocity, and retain happy customers. With the largest marketplace of direct mail, e-gift cards, personalized gifts, custom swag, and virtual events, Postal customers see significant time and cost savings when leveraging the automated system. Use Postal from the Salesloft platform to produce powerful multichannel Cadences.

How it Works

Activating your Postal Integration:

  1. Make sure that you have an active Postal account○ Visit to access a 15-day free trial
  2. Activate the Postal integration on the Salesloft App Integration page found in settings
  3. Approve the integration by entering your Postal login and password

Setting up your Cadence Step:

  1. Select add a step
  2. Choose Postal as your step
  3. Add notes to the step to include the item(s) you would like to send

When the step is due:

  1. The Postal iFrame will allow you to complete the step in your Postal account
  2. The recipient will already be selected
  3. Choose the Postal that you would like to send
  4. Add your gift message to the Postal
  5. Send your Postal
  6. The step will then be automatically completed in Salesloft

Set up a Trigger:

  1. Log in to your account in
  2. Select Triggers
  3. Select Create Trigger
  4. Name your Trigger
  5. Select Salesloft as your CRM/Sales Engagement Platform
  6. Select the Cadence you would like to use
  7. Select the Step that you would like the trigger to follow


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