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Create seamless revenue workflows and improve your selling process with the industry’s most expansive network of 180+ partners across technology integrations and services.

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by responding to job changes of your most valuable buyers with the right action at the right time.

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PMG is a sales and marketing transformation company, supporting global B2B organizations to set-up, scale and improve their revenue engine.

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PMG drives results by integrating sales and marketing know-how, analytics, creative talents, and cutting-edge technology. Our wide partner network and strategic and business focus has positioned us as a trusted advisor to our clients, allowing them to compete and rapidly grow in global markets.

We offer continuous support and guidance on all Salesloft packages; Prospect, Sell, Engage and Enterprise. Alongside on-boarding services; Premier Essentials, Premier, Premier Plus and Custom packages.

Our services include:

  • MarTech and Sales Engagement consultancy, implementation and operation
  • Salesloft services: Implementation and on-boarding, Cadence Strategy, Salesloft Admin Services, Custom Automation Rule Creation, Admin as a Service, User Training and Detail Reporting
  • Outsourced B2B demand generation programs, including lead generation, paid campaigns, content marketing, email marketing and full buyer journey management
  • Marketing Automation


Who We Are

Buyer-focused and revenue-oriented, PMG propels B2B pipelines to closed deals by generating qualified leads and engaging them with an excellent buyer experience at every stage of their journey.

Using a combination of expert skills, processes, services, data and a stellar marketing and sales technology stack, PMG integrates the right, integrated marketing and sales efforts for the client organization, while identifying and correcting obstacles, for optimal conversion and revenue.



RevenueOS is the operating system for scaling revenue organizations.
PMG’s RevenueOS covers the strategy, processes and tools required to achieve scalable growth, including scalable account-based programs, sales engagement and enablement buyer experience orchestration.

Demand Generation

Drive converting traffic using a comprehensive marketing approach. Rise above the noise by talking about what your buyers care about. Capture their contact details, by offering high-quality content. Nurture your prospects by providing value, so they will buy from you when they are ready.

Sales Engagement

Build, Optimize and Scale Your Sales Engine - Infusing the art of selling with science and processes, leads to increased productivity, performance and predictability.

Account - Based Selling

Meet your goals with the right decision makers with a structured account penetration program.
PMG will work with you to:
  • Segment and map your target accounts.
  • Identify the right stakeholders within these accounts.
  • Define messaging, content and buyer engagement program.
  • Implement and execute winning outreach and paid campaigns.

Video Selling

By systematically using videos for outreach, deal closing and customer success plays,
sales teams are able to capture the attention of their prospects, generate more meetings, and advance deals faster. In an all-digital sales environment, videos are creating the human touch required to generate attention and establish trust.

Sales Stack Service

With the proliferation of sales-related technology, it’s crucial to identify the most effective tool for your specific case. We’ve partnered with the leading sales tech vendors, to provide you with the tools that best serve your unique goals and needs.


  • Guy Hilton image

    Guy Hilton
    Head Of Business Unit, Amdocs

    PMG is not a vendor. They are a strategic partner of mine and have been in multiple projects across various companies. What sets PMG apart from other vendors I work with is their unique ability to see the whole picture, from understanding our business strategy to implementing the required solutions. Their ability to offer strategic consultancy based on up to date digital expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art execution methodology and skillset, make them a clear leader in the Israeli market.
  • Tamar Milstein image

    Tamar Milstein
    CMO, Model9

    PMG was a crucial partner for Model9 in developing ABM strategies, addressing the enterprise market challenges and meeting our demand gen goals.
    The team supported us with strategy, execution and technology know-how, to complement our growing marketing team. They were always available, attentive and had a unique problem-solving approach to cracking tough demand gen cases.

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