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Quack - Parallel Dialer

Quack is a power/parallel dialer built for SDR teams to connect with prospects faster over the phone.

How it Works

Quack automatically imports your call tasks & allows you to call up to 4 prospects simultaneously. Our answering machine detection will auto log unanswered calls & move your prospects through their cadence, while instantly connecting you to the first prospect to answer.

Typically, dial time drops from 2 hours -> 20min with Quack. 

Setting up Quack for the first time is as simple as clicking a button & you can be dialing through Quack in < 2 min.



Parallel Dialing

Dial up to 4 prospect simultaneously, Quack will connect you to the first prospect to answer.

Power Dialing

Rapidly dial through call tasks with 1 click. Quack will auto log unanswered calls & connect you to the first prospect to answer.

Bi-directional Notes Sync

  • Import prospect & account notes from Salesloft. 
  • Take notes in Quack.
  • Bi-directional sync between Quack & Salesforce

Call Recordings

Record all calls automatically in Quack & push that data back into Salesloft!

Individual & Team Analytics

See detailed call analytics for you & your team, including:

  • # Dials
  • # Connected calls
  • Talk time
  • Avg. conversation length
  • Connect rate
  • # Conversations over 30 seconds
  • And more!

Receive Incoming Calls

Route all incoming callbacks to a number of your choice.

Shared Data

Go to our website (, go to login & login through Salesloft. If it is your first time, you'll need to Authorize Quack before logging in, then we will take you right into Quack's dashboard. 



Quack automatically imports your call tasks & sequences live from your Salesloft instance. Then, using our parallel or power dialer you’ll be able to dial up to 6 prospects simultaneously while Quack connects you to the first live human to answer the phone. Quack automatically logs any unanswered calls & will move the respective prospect through the sequence accordingly.
What, can’t you talk to 2 people at the same time 😉 – just kidding! Quack has been designed so that this can never happen. When someone clicks answer, it takes Quack a fraction of a millisecond to end the other calls.
Once Quack automatically imports your call tasks & sequences, you may choose to select how many parallel dials you’d like to make, then further filter your call lists in Quack (optional).

Quack automatically logs unanswered calls. Answered calls however, must be logged in Quack following the call, which will then be synced right back into your CRM.


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