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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by responding to job changes of your most valuable buyers with the right action at the right time.

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The Next Generation AI driven Conversation and Revenue Intelligence Platform that increases your sales productivity within weeks

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Rafiki transcribes, summarizes, generates follow up email and analyzes your Salesloft calls to deliver truth and clarity about your deals, market, and team with advanced Generative AI.  Use Rafiki's automatic Smart Call Scoring to score all calls and never miss a coachable moment.


Smart Call Summary

Rafiki’s Next Gen AI helps you get instant call summary for your Salesloft calls so you can focus on the customer

Smart Follow Up

Follow up within minutes after the call with Rafiki's Generative AI that automatically generates  On-Point Follow-Up with takeaways, insights, next steps, and key moments .

Smart Call Scoring

Rafiki's Smart Call Scoring automatically scores your Rep's Salesloft calls and alerts you when you need to help your rep. Coaching re-imagined.

Smart Guidance

Rafiki’s topic tracks help you quickly hone on what is amiss with Rep’s talk patterns and assist with targeted fixes



Rafiki integrates with the Salesloft Dialer to record and download calls made to your prospects through Salesloft Dialer, provide automated GPT call summaries, GPT auto generated scorecards to rate and improve Rep performance. 
Search your entire call library to find successful snippets of objection handling, positioning, upselling by top performers, to create your playbook for new reps. Reps become top performers by learning from each others customer interactions.


Shared Data

Rafiki is a Generative AI-powered conversation + revenue intelligence platform helps get valuable insights from all your Salesloft calls. By transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing all your customer interactions, you can get actionable, tangible insights to enhance your entire organization’s performance (from sales, marketing, product, etc).

Build your Insights Hub for Salesloft calls with insanely accurate human-like Smart Call Summaries and create automatic Smart Follow Up emails with Key Moments from the call that help re-engage with prospects.
Strengthen your rep performance with targeted Smart Coaching for all Salesloft calls (automated 100% call audit) and accelerate deal closure using timely alerts.

Call Recordings

Call Recordings

Meeting Object

Meeting Object