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Salesbolt: Salesforce Integration for LinkedIn

Integrate LinkedIn with Salesforce + SalesloftSalesbolt's connection with Salesloft allows you to create new accounts, leads, or contacts and directly add them into a Salesloft Cadence all without leaving LinkedIn.

How it Works

Salesbolt's Chrome Extension allows users to automatically create accounts, leads, or contacts directly into Salesforce from LinkedIn.

With this integration enabled you can:

  1. Visit any LinkedIn Profile
  2. Create a new Salesforce Lead or Contact
  3. Find a validated B2B email address
  4. Directly import them to Salesloft and add them into a Cadence.

All this without having to leave the single browser tab you're working in. Salesbolt even automatically checks Salesforce to prevent any duplicate records from being created. Every time you visit a LinkedIn Profile, Salesbolt will surface any possible matches from your Salesforce CRM and present them. You can even edit, or update the record right from there.

Salesbolt takes 2-mins to connect, and there is minimal configuration required to connect Salesloft.

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