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SalesCompete is a sales gamification, motivation, and coaching bot for Salesloft and Slack. SalesCompete can help:• Increase your inside sales team's engagement & motivation • Speed up coaching & feedback of sales calls• Increase transparency and access to sales performance metrics across your team

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How to Install:

Install the SalesCompete bot by clicking the button above and you will be automatically prompted to sign into your Slack and Salesloft accounts. That's all there is to it!

Product Features:

All the features below are easily configured within minutes inside of Slack's UI (after installing the bot).

📊 Custom Daily Reports
Use the daily recap message to send a message every day to your team with the stats and graphs of your choosing.

🤖 Slash Commands
Use slash commands to access Salesloft or Outreach data (calls, meetings, emails, etc.) in real time. Just use the commands /leaderboard, /success or /charts in any channel to learn more.

🎯 Goals
Use goals to rally your team around a specific target metric and deadline. Goals can be one-off or recurring, and may include a spiff.

Power Hours
Use power hours to bring back that in-office competition amongst your sales team. Reps call in real-time for 1 hour against a specific goal to win a prize.

⁉️ Daily Trivia
Use daily trivia to start the day off right with your team. Reps submit their answer to 3 jeopardy questions and winners are announced 1 hour later.

💰 Meeting Bounties
Use meeting bounties to take the monotony out of a rep's day-to-day by giving them an opportunity to win a prize when they book a meeting with any contact at a specific named account.

☎️ Call Coaching Messages
Use call coaching messages to give your team quick access to recordings of calls from specific sentiments -- rounded up every 1, 2 or 3 hours.

⭐️ Success Notifications
Use success notifications to send a fun, congratulatory slack notification each time a new meeting (success) is booked. Includes the call recording for giving quick feedback.