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How it Works

Automatically Record Activities to Salesforce
Monitoring and tracking sales activities is a crucial element of what makes Salesforce so effective. Fortunately, all calls made and emails sent in Salesloft are automatically recorded as activities in Salesforce. No manual updating — just one cohesive view of your activity. Salesloft provides 15 custom activity fields out of the box, such as call duration, call disposition and sentiment, email activity counts, and cadence identifiers, for deep insights into every activity.

Automation Rules
Let Salesloft do the heavy lifting in Salesforce. Easily apply automation rules to execute any repetitive process that you'd normally have to do manually. Rules can even include multiple actions built on a single set of criteria. This gives admins more control over the flow of data in and out of the system, and also allows admins to use a criteria met by one SDR's process to be reflected to the entire team, preventing duplicate communications at an Account-Based Sales level.

Comprehensive Sync Log
This is why Sales Operations leaders love Salesloft. Salesloft provides a real-time log of all sync activities, their status, and outcomes. This sync log provides details on aspects such as fields, records, time, and direction. This allows admins to gain valuable insights into what data is being transferred. Sync log provides complete transparency, with the ability to easily retry failed syncs and troubleshoot mapping errors, should they arise.

Salesforce Sync Keeps Both Platforms Up-to-Date, in Real-Time.
Easy to set up, customizable data sync keeps lead records and activity data updated and accurate, automatically.

Real-time Sync
The data syncing between the platforms happens in real-time, so it's always accurate and up-to-date.

Customizable Hierarchies
Administrators have the ability to choose which platform takes the priority for each data field while syncing.

Field Mapping
Map fields from Salesforce to Salesloft. Set logic rules, like "Map to Contact first, then try Lead" or "Contact only" or "Lead only"

Your Data is Serious Business. We Make Safeguarding it Our Business.
Automated sync should only be done with proper safeguards to prevent scenarios that could lead to data degradation.



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