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SalesHood is the leading all-in-one Sales Enablement platform that enables more of your sellers to perform like your best. This integration delivers your SalesHood Library directly to your sellers as they utilize Salesloft to engage with their buyers. Find, share, and track the content that your sellers need to close more deals faster using SalesHood with Salesloft.

How it Works

Deliver engaging content to your buyers at any stage of your sales process by sharing SalesHood content in your Salesloft email cadences.

SalesHood's integration allows you to:

  • ACCESS SHARABLE CONTENTwith access to the SalesHood Library.
  • FIND CONTENT JUST-IN-TIME by searching for the content that matters in the moment.
  • SHARE CONTENT with buyers by creating and inserting sharable links in your email cadences.

** In order to use this integration, the SalesHood/Shufflrr Presentations integration must also be in use.



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