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SalesIntel helps marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams deliver up to a 5x improvement in pipeline efficiency leveraging comprehensive, quality B2B account intelligence and contact data.

How it Works

SalesIntel's Salesloft integration seamlessly exports our 95% accurate human-verified contact data to SalesLoft. Select which cadence you want to add contacts to or select the People Only option. SalesIntel will also automatically de-dupe your records.

SalesIntel is a go-to-market intelligence platform that helps marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams deliver up to a 5x improvement in pipeline efficiency by:

  • Identifying your ideal customers (ICP) from among 22 million accounts profiled by 300 million unique technology install data points. 
  • Surfacing accounts that are actively in-market for your product or service by using best-in-breed intent, company news, and web-visitor data. 
  • Providing verified contact information for decision-makers from our database of 100M+ contacts with emails and mobile phone numbers
  • Acting as an extension of your team to fill any contact or account data gaps by leveraging our 2,000+ person research team
  • All while providing unlimited credit pricing supported by world-class customer service

We’ve provided quality data to the industry for over 15 years and only recently made it available directly to our 800+ customers. 



Export contacts to cadence

Easily add contacts to Salesloft cadences when exporting from SalesIntel

Check for duplicates

SalesIntel automatically checks your existing Salesloft database to ensure you're not creating duplicate records when exporting.

Data Permissions

With SalesIntel's integration, users can seamlessly export 95% accurate human-verified contact data to Salesloft. Users are also able to set select Salesloft settings while exporting such as adding contacts to a cadence.

Learn more about our integration here.


For marketing leaders, SalesIntel helps clarify your ICP, boost your go-to-market strategy, and create predictable pipeline growth.
Drive your company’s GTM strategy towards best-fit accounts and optimize your campaign outreach to exceed your marketing goals. 
  • Increase inbound pipeline growth
  • Improve outbound pipeline efficiency
  • Enhance sales and marketing alignment
  • Focus your roadmap on products/features for your ICP 
With SalesIntel’s unmatched data quality, sales teams make more effective connections with verified decision-makers from their target companies, speeding up each step of the sales cycle.
  • Get real prospect and account data at your fingertips
  • Talk to real buyers
  • Expedite sales cycles
  • Hit quota, faster
Optimize your data and revenue operations with SalesIntel’s unmatched data quality and extensive suite of tools built to maintain your B2B database at peak actionability.
  • Enable GTM teams with accurate account and contact data to fuel campaigns and outreach
  • Increase inbound lead quality
  • Enhance efficiency across your org
  • Forecast revenue more predictably 


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