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Salesken is the #1 rated real time coaching solution for all the inside sales teams across the world. Using generative AI, Salesken provides real-time sales assistance via cues/prompts to help reps sell better during their calls. With Salesken any sales rep can now build rapport faster, handle objections like a pro and navigate through any client conversation confidently.

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The partnership between Salesloft and SalesKen allows customers to integrate both platforms seamlessly.  Sales reps can use Salesloft to engage with prospects and customers, while SalesKen provides insights to help them better understand their sales conversations and identify areas for improvement.  This can ultimately lead to increased productivity and revenue for the sales team.  

Integrate Salesloft with Salesken to capture and analyze sales conversations.  Collect all of your call recordings in Salesken to obtain transcripts and insights from every customer interaction.

Overall, the partnership between Salesloft and SalesKen is designed to provide a more holistic solution for sales teams, combining the strengths of both platforms to help them drive more successful sales conversations.


Real time sales coaching

The real-time sales coaching feature of Salesken provides sales representatives with personalized, generative AI-powered coaching and feedback during live sales calls. As the sales rep is speaking with the customer, Salesken's AI technology listens in, analyzes the conversation in real-time, and provides contextual feedback and suggestions to the rep.

This feature helps sales representatives to improve their performance and increase their chances of closing the deal. The AI-powered coaching can help reps to identify key talking points, overcome objections, and deliver more effective pitches. The real-time feedback allows sales reps to make adjustments on the fly, improving their effectiveness and boosting their confidence.

Overall, the real-time sales coaching feature of Salesken provides a powerful tool for improving sales effectiveness and driving revenue growth. By leveraging AI technology and real-time feedback, Salesken helps sales reps to deliver more effective pitches and close more deals, while also providing managers with the insights they need to coach and develop their teams.

Sales analytics and reporting

The sales analytics and reporting feature of Salesken provides a comprehensive suite of tools and insights that help sales teams to track and measure their performance. 

With Salesken's sales analytics and reporting feature, sales teams can gain a deep understanding of their sales pipeline, track progress towards targets, and identify areas for improvement. The feature provides insights into key metrics such as win rates, deal velocity, and revenue growth, enabling sales teams to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies.

The deal tracking feature  provides insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping sales reps to tailor their approach and improve their effectiveness. The performance analytics feature provides insights into key sales metrics and performance data, enabling sales teams to track progress and identify areas for improvement. This feature provides actionable data and insights that help sales teams to optimize their strategies, improve their effectiveness, and drive revenue growth.



Salesken is a system of action which uses Generative AI and connects your CRM, Dialer and Web conferencing, Emails etc in one place
In the world of inside sales, first understanding the problems/gaps is the primary step to fixing them. We diagnose the problem through our post call analytics solution and then solve them by custom prompts at rep or team level and eventually make them best sales reps. Every aspect of the end to end sales motion from onboarding of reps to closing deals can be addressed through Salesken.

Real-time cues are prompts that appear for the sales rep within their dialer (Zoom, AirCall, GoogleMeet, etc).

They help reps navigate a call with overcoming objections, product information, emotions, etc. All elements that help advance a sales conversation.
Salesken customer success will analyze your call data, sales materials and set up the cues for you. You can add, modify or delete the cues at any time.
Yes, Salesken works with most major sales dialers or video conferencing applications.

Primarily to get data for Win/Loss Analysis, Customer and Revenue Intelligence. Also we pull data with respect to Lead Details, Call Logs, Recordings URLs, Win/Loss data.

We would need live audio to provide real-time prompts for the sales team. We might also need access to call recordings incase the recording URL on CRM is secured

Option 1 - We analyse the calls live, so we do not need to record the calls. Your data is most safe as we do not record or store any transcription, we only store analysis and insights.

Option 2 - If you wish to record the calls, you can switch the recording off if the customer does not provide consent to recording
Salesken takes data security very seriously. SalesKen is GDPR-CCPA compliant and ISO 27001 and SoC2 certified. We conduct multiple audits, vulnerability assessments and tests regularly to ensure your data is secure
Signals are those categories that you would want to keep a track on during a live conversation. It could be Objections, Objection handling or Lead Qualifying questions. These signals will have phrases/keywords/words in them to capture what is being said or talked while on the call.

Yes, they are. We listen to 100s of conversations along with other relevant materials (Sales Playbook, FAQ’s) to provide these cues in real time. The cues that pop up can be with respect to a relevant feature or general small talk depending on what’s being said in the conversation.