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Sapper Consulting

In a perfect world, every sales team would hit their quota every month. The reality is that many teams lack the experience and bandwidth needed to build and run a highly effective sales motion. However, with RevOps as a Service, there's a better way to help your team hit their number.

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All of our engagements are one step inside a larger journey. We work with our clients to both understand the metrics to be impacted, and the ongoing process for optimization. Our goal is to help give context to our success and educate on the longer vision of revenue excellence.
Yes. Given our experience with enterprise clients, we can approve and work off of client MSA/SOWs. We are very comfortable with the procurement process and aren't scared off by the work.
We can match your pace within reason. Most of the delays in our engagements come from waiting on clients to give us access to systems or information. The closer we can work together, the faster we can go.
All of our engagements are fixed-price projects. We prefer this over Time and Materials as it helps the client have a clear budget and ensures we are accountable to our timelines.


Who We Are

Since 2018, we’ve been helping enterprise-level companies accelerate their sales functions so they can engage more prospects and close more deals. Sapper RevOps Empowers Sales Teams To:

  • Programmatically adopt sales best practices
  • Build an efficient buying & selling journey
  • Drive consistent growth in conversion rates


Content Creation and Governance

We help teams craft brand cohesive sales messaging to drive revenue growth.

Workflow Guidebook Creation

A tactical playbook to refine your prospecting motion.

Sales Engagement Services

We provide businesses with Salesloft admin and training services.

Sales Enablement as a Service

Bespoke training curriculum tailored to your team's unique needs and tech stack.

Content Committee Facilitation

Facilitation in forming an internal task force that governs Salesloft content at your org.

Lead to Close Audit

Scoring against best practices to identify gaps throughout your prospect-to-opportunity cycle. Recommendations provided.

Retainer-Based Engagements

With retainer-based engagements, we’re at your disposal to get you from where you are to where you need to be.


  • Ryan Hodgins
    Senior Manager, Sales Development at Sophos

    Sapper was able to shed light on some of the challenges we were having with messaging and our overall workflow. They have helped implement a number of guiding principles which created an immediate impact on the success of our campaigns. They have been incredibly helpful and have taken time to set us up for long-lasting success. Our Open rates on outbound have increased by 3x and reply rate by 5x, and meetings booked have doubled.
  • Jenifer Salzwedel
    VP, GTM Technology & Marketing Operations at Anaplan

    Our experience with Sapper has been very positive. The best practice blueprints and frameworks have helped us shape a plan for gaining maturity on the platform. As well, the team has been a much-needed support network for system admin duties as we have had gaps in resources.



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Partner Tier