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Seismic Enablement Cloud™

Seismic content and engagement data trigger hyper-personalized, timely communication in Salesloft.


How it Works

Guide your sellers to success with the power of Seismic + Salesloft. Empower sellers to maximize their time and deliver hyper-relevant and up-to-date content for every conversation within their opportunity. Visibility into how buyers engage with content empowers sellers to tailor their follow-up approach and engage in deeper conversations that accelerate the sales cycle. Plus, arm marketing with the insights to understand what content performs with buyers.

The Seismic integration shares these content engagement signals with Salesloft:
  • High buyer engagement
  • Low buyer engagement
  • Content downloaded

Create Plays using the content engagement signals from Seismic to automatically prompt sellers to follow up on buyer activity when it matters most. Plays are prioritized by Conductor AI in the Rhythm focus zone so that reps stay focused on the buyers and deals that are most likely to help them hit their number.

Live Feed
Content engagement signals from Seismic create notifications in users’ Live Feed, making it easy to stay on top of buyer activity without switching between apps.

Infuse every message with the most relevant content to improve the customer experience. With the Seismic integration, you can:
  • Search and insert Seismic content directly into Salesloft emails, snippets, templates, and cadences
  • Identify exactly which prospects are viewing your Seismic content with personalized link tracking and measure their engagement so that you can decide the appropriate next step
  • View Seismic engagement events to see what content sellers are pulling in and sending via Salesloft using the Salesloft Notes tab on People and Account pages
  • Build automation rules that trigger when a prospect clicks Seismic links in your Salesloft emails

Additional details
The Salesloft integration is supported for Seismic’s Professional and Enterprise editions. 




Nope! If you are already a subscriber of Seismic and Salesloft platforms, this integration can be configured without any additional expenses
The Salesloft integration with Seismic is supported with both Professional and Enterprise editions.
Installation and configuration is usually completed in under 5 minutes
The Rhythmn integration can easily be enabled within the Seismic app configuration screen. 
All content-related buyer engagements will appear in Rhythm regardless if they were distributed from Salesloft.
This integration surfaces published content so it is compatible with DocCenter, Workspace, Recent, & Favorites
Yes! Your users will only have access to any content that they would normally have access to
Engagement activities are visible both within Salesloft and Seismic. 
  • Within Salesloft, activities are written to your Contact Object's Notes
  • Within Seismic, Engagement activities can be viewed from within Engagement Center or LiveInsights
Analytics that can not be tied back to the specific user within Seismic will get logged to a generic user that is specified by your administrator during the initial integration configuration
The user lookup relies on a matching email address. If you have a different email address within each system, your activities will get logged to the default, generic user setup by your administrator during the initial integration configuration
At this time, this integration is designed to connect 1 Seismic tenant to 1 instance of Salesloft
Yes, this integration is fully compatible with Salesloft Snippets