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Enhance and boost response rates by adding personalized gifts and eGifts within your team’s Salesloft Cadences. Sendoso brings together your digital and corporate gift sending in one place. Grow revenue faster with a direct mail strategy that’s differentiated, impactful, and builds stronger, more trusted relationships.

How it Works

The Sendoso and Salesloft integration allows you to:
  • Send directly from within Salesloft with the click of a button.
  • Add Sendoso as a step within your Cadence to ensure timely follow-up.
  • Real-time visibility on send’s statuses from Salesloft activity feed.

Ways to use the integration
  1. Initiate meaningful conversations. Increase your Cadence response rate by adding personalized direct mail to your outbound efforts. Follow up with prospects as soon as their Sendoso send is delivered to increase booked demo rates.
  2. Increase demo attendance. Automate an eGift send on the day of the scheduled demo to encourage attendance and build rapport.
  3. Nurture relationships by creating “wow” moments. Build and enhance relationships to help close deals faster by sending personalized gifts from Salesloft.
  4. Decrease sales cycle lengths. After a demo, follow up with a “sweet to meet you” bundle to stay top of mind and keep the conversation going




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