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Shaachi - Your Premier AI Lead Generation Assistant

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How it Works

Specializing in curating personalized, engaging and high-converting messages, this AI assistant scans the web to extract the most relevant data for your target audience - all in real-time. 

With Shaachi's advanced technology, you can secure 4 times more meetings absolutely free, putting an end to the exhaustive chase of generating prospects.

Are you addressing a new prospect via email or prepping for a meeting? Let Shaachi furnish you with in-depth information about your prospects or their companies. Lead with Shaachi, Lead with Confidence!



Be it an individual user or a team. We got a trial and a plan for you! 
Register at and find a plan. 
Shaachi App does not parse any LinkedIn or Facebook of your prospect and get too close without permission. 



Shaachi Personalization for 4x pipeline

We're all about boosting client meetings - think 4x more.

How does Shaachi's AI achieve 4x? ShaachiAI personalizes email with B2B talking points at the prospect level within your sequences. Think about having a very skilled writer that reads latest news and blogs of your target customer and comes up with smashing personalization that flows with your template.

Here is an example You are emailing URI and have this as a email opener "I recently read about URI's mission to create a more sustainable future and was really intrigued. It's great to see a secure and eco-friendly solution being developed. I'm looking forward to seeing the positive environmental impact it will have."

Shaachi Talking point for cold calling

Why would a cold call recipient need to hear a personalization? At Shaachi, we started with having our trial customer tell us that meeting link provided by Shaachi with a short and long personalization is a great starter for your SDR to have handy when they connect. It should be relevant and important for your prospect. That is why Shaachi provides the latest and most relevant blog or news for every person you call.

Unlock Sales Potential with Targeted Buyer Intent Insights

Empower your sales strategy with Shaachi's cutting-edge buyer intention research, tailored to identify prospects discussing key topics relevant to your AI solutions.

Shared Data

Shaachi uses the company website link from SalesLoft to do the work of coming up with conversation points. The message details will be written back into SalesLoft persons object. 

Harness the power of Shaachi's AI which meticulously browse through numerous firmographic data points ranging from company news, press releases, blogs and much more. Filtering out content that aligns perfectly with your Ideal Customer Profile, Shaachi tailors personalized messages that drive meaningful conversations.

Experience the magic of automated yet individualistic communication. Shaachi relentlessly works, selecting the most relevant data to frame the finest customizable messages that get the ball rolling. Immerse in the ease of establishing connections and engaging in productive exchanges with Shaachi!

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