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Showpad for Salesloft

Showpad empowers sales and marketing teams to meet the demands of modern buyers by integrating industry leading training and coaching software with innovative content solutions. Our sales engagement integration with Salesloft increases sales productivity by letting sellers find and share content and rich email templates from within their sales engagement platform, and track individual recipients’ engagement with shared content.


Showpad’s sales engagement integration with Salesloft increases sales productivity, helping sellers find and share content within their sales workflow tool and tracking individual contacts’ engagement with that content.

Additionally, marketers can enrich email templates with Showpad content so sellers can instantly share the right messaging and supporting content with prospects, still keeping track of individual engagement.

Showpad seamlessly integrates with your existing Salesloft workflow. In Salesloft, users can easily add content to their email campaigns and gauge their recipients’ level of interest to tailor and time their follow up – delivering a better buyer experience as a result.

New! Our Salesloft integration is now Rhythm-ready! On top of our existing integration with Salesloft, we now also integrate with Salesloft Rhythm so you can create custom sales workflows and processes based on activities in Showpad. Create Salesloft Plays that turn buyer behavior into seller action based on these Showpad signals:
  • Email share viewed

Deliver impactful buyer experiences, every time.
With Showpad and Salesloft Rhythm, your marketing and revenue team come together: based on signals from Showpad on how your buyer interacts with viewed content, you can set up your workflows and cadences so your revenue teams can add value during every interaction and close deals faster. We make it easy for your sellers to have both engaging conversations and provide that tailored follow-up that moves the needle.



Yes! Anything you have access to is available for you to include. 
The integration is available for customers with a Showpad Content Plus or Showpad Content Ultimate package. 
Rhythm connects Showpad events to the Salesloft platform. The events (they are called signals) allow sales reps to generate tasks e.g. call prospect within 24 hours after they have viewed the content of an email share.


Shared Data

Include Showpad content as dynamic links in Salesloft email templates and cadences and generate unique URLs to share assets in Salesloft, which allows the sender to track individual engagement from recipients. 

Salesloft snippets, templates and cadences

Salesloft snippets, templates and cadences

Showpad for Salesloft
Showpad for Salesloft

Showpad Content

Showpad Content