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Connect your Salesloft account to Signals & drive conversations from chat to email in your cadences. You can also enroll prospects showing buying intent automatically into your Salesloft cadences.

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How it Works

Signals' integration with Salesloft allows you to align your marketing and sales teams by enabling you to:
  • Automatically add visitors and prospected contacts to cadences in PlayRunner
  • Tailor engagement with targeted plays for visitors enrolled in certain cadences
  • Add people to cadences, create tasks, and see Salesloft activity from within chats

You can enable this integration with your Signals settings.  See the documentation for more information.



Signals can then enroll those contacts into a sales cadence at any point to get your team calling and making the right connections.



Generate your Ideal Customer Profile

Use Signals to know what companies match your wanted industry, employee count, annual revenue, and location.

  • Qualifying made easy through automation.
  • Know what companies have the highest potential.
  • Use current customers to find what companies would be the best match.

Identity who is on your Website

Signals Identifies what companies are coming to your website:

  • No more guessing, put company names to visitors.
  • Learn what companies are doing.
  • Track companies you want to engage with (i.e. target accounts, open opportunities, and potential customers).

Engage with Potential Buyers

Use Signals Buying Committee to know the best person to contact.

  • Find the decision makers in a company by filtering contacts by title, seniority and organization.
  • Send contacts your existing marketing automations (email or CRM) for outreach.
  • Connect with visitors using live chat and automated chatbot messaging.

Shared Data

Salesloft -> Signals: 
We pull in your list of cadences. You're then able to update a contact's cadence enrollment, manually or automatically, based on their behavior on your site, and create targeted engagement experiences for people enrolled in your cadences that visit your website. 
Contact Details 
We pull in details about contacts, including cadence membership and activity. 
Salesloft Users 
We pull in your list of Salesloft users and let you set up ownership rules for how ownership will be assigned.

Signals -> Salesloft: 
We send over new contacts, along with any mapped fields and cadence enrollments

Any tasks you create within Signals will be synced to Salesloft

Signals Activity
You'll be able to see any activity captured by Signals on both the Account and Contact level in the Smart Panel