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Deliver exceptional customer experiences by responding to job changes of your most valuable buyers with the right action at the right time.

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SMARTe's sales intelligence equips you with all the crucial information to enhance your connect rates, including industry-leading mobile number coverage and verified business emails.

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At SMARTe, we understand the challenges faced by revenue-generating teams. That's why we've created a global B2B sales intelligence platform with a strong focus on sales user experience. Our platform revolutionizes how you obtain contact and company insights for your ideal customer profile (ICP).

By seamlessly integrating with popular sales tools like Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, and more, we enable quicker workflows, empowering you to close deals more efficiently and achieve your sales quotas.

With SMARTe's chrome extension, you can effortlessly find the right contact information while browsing LinkedIn or company websites and save it to your sales tech stack with just a few clicks.

We pride ourselves on maintaining enterprise-level data compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2, ensuring the utmost security and privacy for the global B2B data we provide. Our database consists of 220 million contact profiles from 20 million companies.

SMARTe's sales intelligence equips you with all the crucial information to enhance your connect rates, including industry-leading mobile number coverage (~70% in North America) and verified business emails. This allows sales professionals to focus on what truly matters: building meaningful relationships, engaging with prospects, and successfully closing deals.

Sales leaders trust SMARTe to empower their teams to achieve outstanding results without exceeding their budget, ensuring a high return on investment for the sales intelligence platform. 



Find decision-makers from 226M+ global contacts.

Use advanced search filters to build prospect lists with verified direct dials & business emails.

Add to Salesloft in a single click.


Find & complete the missing details in your prospect's profile.

Enrich from 55+ unique data fields like level, job function, and company location along with updated mobile numbers and email addresses.

Chrome Extension

Prospect on LinkedIn and Company Websites. Reveal prospect information and save it to your CRM in a single click.



SMARTe integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, and SalesLoft. We’re constantly working on adding more integrations. Contact us for any requests.
Yes, our data is fully committed and aligned with the GDPR & CCPA requirements.


Shared Data

The Salesloft Integration allows users to add and update prospect/account information to their Salesloft account. Users can also assign the sent contact to a sales cadence existing in Salesloft.
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