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Stack Moxie

A simple, automated way to QA, test landing pages, campaigns, and integrations. Now you can automate monitoring, test multiple different personas and variations, and schedule tests to make sure everything is running as expected. We include standard, best practice test templates.Stack Moxie provides powerful testing tools an SDET might use but is built for a business user with drop-down options, instead of code. Provide instant documentation for GDPR compliance and managing contractors.

How it Works

Automate Monitoring with Scenarios
Think of a scenario as a testing plan … that does something.  It can be as simple as “Is a tag firing on a page?” or as complicated as “Is Salesforce correctly assigning a user and did that user complete a Salesloft task in a certain amount of time (SLA)?” 

The status of a scenario gives you a simple passed or failed answer for the most recent “test run.”

Scenarios can be scheduled to run automatically at the frequency your business needs – daily, hourly or less frequently.



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