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SugarCRM Powered by BrainSell

Align sales data from Salesloft with your Sugar Sell platform.
Salesloft + Sugar Sell = better visibility into sales opportunities, better lead prioritization and routing, and detailed reporting on how your teams are driving results.
The bi-directional data sync ensures sales engagement activities, insights, and new efficiencies gained from Salesloft are easily accessible in Sugar Sell — while removing any risks of valuable information being lost via the manual importing and exporting of data.

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Key Features:

  • Seamless, Real-Time Data Synchronization - The integration syncs accounts, contacts, leads, emails, calls, and user data between the two platforms. This enables companies to keep Sugar Sell as their single source of truth while positioning reps to better engage prospects through Salesloft.
  • Reduce Complexity - By allowing users to create, update, and convert leads inside of Salesloft – and execute Salesloft cadences on current customers – you ensure that no data is slipping through the cracks due to human error. Removing the complexity of manual data entry lets reps focus on selling while guaranteeing data is always up to date.
  • All Your Data, Right Where You Need It - Having accurate data continuously synced between systems leads to a better understanding of buyer expectations, as well as a clear understanding of their path to purchase. This positions reps to offer consistently genuine and personalized customer experiences.

The SugarCRM Powered by BrainSell integration for Salesloft helps drive revenue through customized, seamless syncing of Leads, Contacts, and Accounts, along with Email and Call activities. Using filters each user can select which modules and fields to sync.

Your SugarCRM administrator selects which modules and fields will sync, along with the sync direction and the Sugar Sell record will show sync status in the Salesloft section of the record.