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How it Works

By leveraging the seamless integration of Rhythm with trumpet, sellers can tap into a wealth of Pod analytics, augmenting their forecasting accuracy. By harmoniously blending the insights acquired from trumpet's digital sales room with Rhythm's AI capabilities, sellers can effectively prioritise the most crucial actions.

The trumpet integration shares buyer intent signals with Salesloft:

  • Mutual action plan step completed
  • Document downloaded
  • New stakeholder
  • Proposal downloaded
  • New comment
  • Voice note played
  • Video played



This integration is available for all trumpet users across all tiers.
You can access the following signals in from trumpet in Salesloft: Mutual action plan step completed, Document downloaded, New stakeholder, Proposal downloaded, New comment, Voice note played and Video played


Shared Data

Sellers have access to a plethora of Pod analytics, encompassing a variety of signals such as completed Mutual Action Plan steps, downloaded documents, new stakeholders, video playbacks, and more. These valuable insights are sent directly to your Salesloft account. The process is straightforward - simply log into your trumpet account in Salesloft and begin receiving instantaneous, real-time signals from your Pods. These signals facilitate enhanced deal oversight, enable more precise deal forecasting, and foster more accurate follow-ups.